Business Services Overview

Hot Foil Printing Our extensive foil range includes eye catching effects such as metallic, brushed, pigment, holographic, multi colour, wood grain etc. Hot foil printing is a dry printing process using heat and pressure to transfer the foil. Outshine your competition with foil. Maximum Sheet Size – 1020 x 710mm. Stamping Speeds up to 3000 sheets per hour
Embossing Heat and pressure is used to raise the paper, board or various other materials. Embossing can be one level, multi level, micro level and 3 dimensional embossing. Combining foil and embossing will give your brand the competitive edge.
Security Printing At Murtan we have developed an optically variable device known as a Unigram tm, that is used in the fight against counterfeiting and document fraud. The Unigram tm incorporates micro embossing , holographic foil and a metal base which eliminates photocopying or any digital reproductions. The Unigram tm can be manufactured in a couple of days and is affordable.
Carton Glueing Automated carton glueing; side seam, crash lock, H lock, two seam top and bottom, CD sleeves and presentation folders. We can glue all boards from 250 gsm to e flute and corrugated. Speeds up to 30 000 cartons per hour glued and packed.
Die Cutting We can die cut sheets sizes of up to 1085mm x 765mm. We have a large die cutting capacity; our die cutting machines include stream fed, cylinders, clam shell presses and platens. Cutting Speeds, up to 6000 sheets per hour
Die Making Foiling, embossing and security dies are made in various ways namely; process engraving, hand engraving and machine engraving. Materials used are; magnesium, copper and brass.

Main Services

Hot FoilPrinting
Hot foil printing is a dry printing process using heat and pressure to transfer the foil. Specs
Die Cutting
Die cutting is a process using pressure to cut and crease a flat piece of paper/board to give you the shape and fold that you require.
Unigram tm has been stamped on millions of certificates, tickets and products to help eliminate fraud successfully. Call or email us to discuss our Unigram tm securing your document or product.